Works in Progress

Just stuff I haven’t hashed out yet or concepts I might mess with.

1) Zone of the Enders Theme – Anubis [probably broken in 7.0]


2) Rogue Combo Point Tracker [fuck, i don’t know anymore]

Rogue - Subtlety

3) Fucked Up Mouseover Menu – you haven’t even heard the bitchin’ sound effects [was just seeing if it was possible]



4) Better Enhancement Spirit Guides Placement/Wind color scheme [COMPLETE]

*It doesn’t quite look like this anymore

5) Different Beast Mastery look (could use more animals I suppose) [nope, hunters are still boring]

Beast Master Spirit Bond

6) Bioshock theme – I dunno how it’d work


7) No Man’s Sky Theme – I like the simplicity. Tilted text might be impossible though.

No Man's Sky UI

2 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. hi, fellow resto shaman, wondering if you were planning on doing a decked out water theme for the resto class crest kind of in the same way as the variant you have for enhancement on this page? really like your work, please keep it up 🙂


    • I have one, but I just selfishly kept it to myself. I’ll put it up soon though. I’m going to go with something else soon anyway come Legion.


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