Affliction Warlock

Affliction stayed relatively the same minus the soul shards, but no one liked those anyway. GIF outdated.



Art files you will need:

Affliction Warlock

Import string(s):

Warlock Affliction

14 thoughts on “Affliction Warlock

  1. hello, when i apply the “Warlock Affliction” strings. the images are not the same as yours.
    it seems to need re-locate or sth. could you fix it for me please?
    if you need i can give u the screenshot of it.


    • Yeah, it happens every patch when blizzard changes how spell models behave. I have fixed it for the most part. Try importing it again. If it still looks messed up, give me a link to a screenshot and I’ll try to figure out what’s going on.


  2. Hello,first i love your work!
    i’ve added both icons and imported all strings but i can’t see my soul shards,any idea?


  3. Have you done any for demon hunter or mage?


  4. I can’t seem to get rid of the green square on this one, it downloads as a rar. Is there something that I need to change, it’s saved exactly where the other tga files are. Thanks


    • Double check the file paths for each of the two textures.
      It should be something like this:
      (first one) -> interface\addons\Custom UI\Affliction.tga
      (second one) -> interface\addons\custom ui\warlock_crest_clear.tga

      If it isn’t, then you need to change it to where ever you saved them to.


  5. getting green box still after doing what u sed to do and tryed other ways iem running 8.1 cant figer it out ?


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