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So first off, most of these visuals come from Weak Auras 2.  You can get the addon here.  I’ll try to provide simple and clear instructions how to get things working and which files you will need.  Eventually I’ll get around to cleaning up my Dropbox so its easier to navigate (maybe).

Basic breakdown:

You will need to download the .tga art files from my dropbox and save them to WorldofWarcraft/interface/addons/Custom UI, other wise Weak Auras can’t find them and you’ll see a bunch of green boxes. You will have to create this folder because it won’t exist.

*IMPORTANT* If you are using an old import string, you will probably need to change the texture filepath for each custom texture by removing the in front of each path.  Most of the strings should have been updated to not have this issue though.

Alternatively, you can save them where ever you want, and just re-direct each aura to the new location, if you know the basics.  Its important that the art files are in place BEFORE you start the game.


Importing strings:

Go to my Pastebin page and find the appropriate string you want Click on the Pastebin link for the class spec and copy the text from the Raw Paste Data field (bottom section).


Next, start up the game and open Weak Auras 2 config by typing /wa and click New .  You should see a bunch of options for what things to make, so hover on down to Import.


Paste the raw text from the string and if it’s working right, you should see a new window appear with an “Import” button.

WA2Hit Done on the main window, and finish importing the new aura group. All done.

Updating with more recent strings:

If you are trying to update an aura with a more recent string, Weak Auras does not do that.  It can only add auras. So you should always delete the old group and its children when replacing stuff, otherwise it will only delete the group name, and rest of the auras will scatter and you have to hunt them down one by one.

If you get a de-serialization error, then that’s my fault, and I am slacking off cause the aura group is too large, but this won’t happen that much.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing the strings with you.


Class Icon or Class Crest?:

Almost every class/spec UI setup is composed of 2 paste string groups – 1) the center class sigil and 2) the spell auras.  If its something else unique to the class, I’ll usually have it as its own import string.  So you see something flashy is missing, its because you don’t have one of those groups.  I should probably mention that there are two icon types, the class icon and the class crest.  The crests are the smaller compact versions and the class icons are bigger with a runic plate background.  Just in case you needed that cleared up.






Other Addons You Might Need:

Since I use a bunch of custom imported sounds and fonts, I need a way to bring them into the game. To do so, I use 2 other addons.  There’s lots of ways to do this, but this is the method I use.  Weak Auras 2 doesn’t need to import sounds though.. You can just direct it straight to your sound file when you choose a custom one.

  1. Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text (MSBT) – Other than displaying info text on the screen, the built-in Custom Media module lets you use any font, texture, or sound file that is placed within the addon’s designated folders.
  2. SharedMedia – As it’s name implies, it allows you to share any font, texture, or sound file across any addon that supports LibSharedMedia.

15 thoughts on “Import Strings

  1. Im having trouble getting the balance bar to there anyway you could just email me a copy of your wtf folder and I can just put that it and howl fully that’ll fix it


    • Copying my WTF folder is a pretty drastic option for something so small and most likely to only increase your problems than solve any. Give some more details as to what the issue is and maybe we can sort it out. Green Box? Not importing? Lots of LUA errors?


  2. I’m having green box problem when I use paladin UI. It is same situation after I remove entire WOW.
    The path is right. (interfaceaddonscustom uipaladin_class_icon.tga) What can I consider to use this addons?


    • That filepath is not correct anymore. After patch 6.0, you do not need the in front of interface. So you need to change it for every custom texture.


      • Thank you for your reply. I’ll try again 🙂


      • ELI5 how to go about changing this.


      • Once you type /wa and open the config, you should see all the aura names on the left. Click on one that shows a green box. In the main section, click on the Display tab and on the topmost part is a text field for a filepath.

        If the texture has a filepath like this:
        interfaceaddonsCustom UINameoffile.tga

        Change it to this by deleteing the :
        interfaceaddonsCustom UINameoffile.tga

        then click the Okay button.

        Not too complicated, its like typing in a sitename in a browser. You are not changing anything except removing the 2 slashes at the start.

        Just curious. Which aura are you trying to use that still needs this? I thought I updated most of them to avoid it, but I guess not.


  3. Your Warrior Page doesn’t have a link 😦 I’m very interested in your Warrior Weak Auras!


  4. The getting rid of the “” hasn’t solved the green box problem for me on the Restoration crest icon. I have the four tga files that are listed as needed.


    • I haven’t gotten around to repairing this spec yet but it shouldn’t be showing green boxes unless you have the TGAs in the wrong place. Make sure the files are in – InterfaceAddonsCustom UI


  5. paladin one not working? gives me green box


    • Nope, tested/imported just now and it works fine.

      1) Make sure you put the folder in the right place (which should be right over your interface folder)
      2) Did you restart your game after copying the files over?


  6. So where do you save the files after we download them? I can’t find this custom UI folder your talking about?


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