Enhancement Shaman


Going to be doing some badly needed restructuring of my organization system. So you guys are going to be downloading these files as rars/zips now, but you can just drop it on your interface folder now.

Art Files you will need:

Enhancement Shaman


Import string(s):

Enhancement Shaman


Spell Animations  not updated yet


17 thoughts on “Enhancement Shaman

  1. Cant get the shaman crest to work, just appears as a big green square 😦


  2. I installed the Crest, changed the path to where the Shaman crest is installed (shows on weakaura) when open the window.

    But it wont load in combat, All i get is the winds and dust in the background but not the shaman layout… something is wrong with the String.
    – checked so its not named locked.
    – checked to confirmed load on enhance.
    – Checked to load on shaman.

    Still its something wrong… its like the String on the crest isnt complete…
    I get it to work if i change the trigger to (alive) status…
    – Like how Elemental crest is.

    Can u fix the string? not sure if we have to change it ourselvs or whats up with this enhance string.


    • I just imported it and it seems to works fine. No one else has reported this issue either, so its probably an issue on your end.

      It would help me a lot to maybe see a screenshot of what it currently looks like for you, if you can.


  3. wow these new shaman updates are all really fantastic dude, nice work. Any chance you plan on doing a whole UI for resto or enh?


    • Nah, there is a lot of files to replace to do that. Target frames maybe someday, but that’s probably it.


      • target frame for that resto crest would be soo neat. Main resto shaman, just trying to create the right UI for the crest to work in 😀


  4. /gets down on knees and begs for elemental


    • Elemental is tricky because there are literally too many element types at play in the spec’s fantasy. Is it fire? lightning? earth? frost? Maybe all of them, and that’s why its difficult to design a theme that represents it well.


      • yeah i guess it would depend a bit on personal play style… i seem to be a bit of a fire and lava bug so i’m going with that theme for now… seems like the i never use the frost spells for anything… they just take up space on my bars for no reason this xpac… i don’t seem to use earth spells as much as i used to either and lightning is something i only use if everything else is on cool down… but i’m not the best player since i’m not into doing much end game content… but i definitely lean towards fiery things… i’d think with enhancement being the way it is now that it would be harder to pin down lol


  5. Just wanted to say I appreciate your work! I made a UI based off what you’ve provided. Its not much, but I think it looks alright.
    Heres a link to the video. https://youtu.be/1BuLgT1nkhg
    I’m with the9thresident btw. Would love to see more of these, especially the Demon hunter class.
    Im currently using a demon hunter crest and the affliction warlock string you uploaded….it works, but its meh, lol.
    Anyways thanks again for the awesome work!

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  6. Hi I am a wow user who wants to use your UI.
    As a downloadable file, I could not implement the UI of a druid, a thief, a shaman, etc. that can be seen in a movie.
    I would like you to let me know what I need to do to get the UI out of montage3 video.
    If it is paid distribution, I would like to use it while paying the fee.


  7. I just got your enhancement shaman pack, which looks great btw, but I couldn’t get any of the effect for spells like stormstrike to pop up. Know any fixes or the reason they don’t pop up currently?


    • I think its because its super outdated and it was talent-locked by a skill that no longer exists. Just go to the load tab and uncheck the “Talent selected” box for each one. You probably have to adjust the strata levels too. To be honest, though, its not even worth it using that aura group since there’s only like 2 spells for Enh. And not even the good ones.


  8. Are you planning on ever updating the spells or will it stay as is?


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