11 thoughts on “Mistweaver Monk

  1. magicaldandruff just a small headsup downloading the Monk_class_icon.tga gives you the Rogue_class_icon.tga 🙂


  2. this one is truly amazing! thank you!


  3. Hey, I keep getting green squares. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing wrong. 😦


  4. Quick question – did you convert all those runes to .targa files from various artwork yourself, or is it available through, say, WoW Programming.com or built into WeakAuras? This is the first time I’ve seen 29 pandaren runes in a screenshot, and I thought I would ask before I went back to converting the few runes I’ve gotten off old pandaren discussion pages. xD


    • It’s a little bit of both. The game itself has all those characters all drawn into a single page or scroll in a .blp texture. I had to go through and convert each one to its own texture in photoshop. I set it up so you can download whichever runes you want from the 29 that I have. Or you can do your own thing, whatever works for you.

      Okay, apparently I didn’t do that, but I probably should.


      • It would be amazing if you could set it up so I can download whichever runes I want, lol. I’ve been messing with these characters off of old PNGs and JPEGs of the single page scroll and they keep coming out with these ugly white borders or there are pixels that look transparent at first glance, but turn out to not really be transparent when I set up the transparency channel. xD It’s a bit frustrating. So when I saw you had so many already converted, I had to ask if there was an easier way before I spent the next few hours getting perfectionistic on these things. ❤


      • I put a link up under the rune chart picture. Enjoy.


  5. Awesome! Thank you so much! This is a gorgeous WeakAura, btw, definitely using it! ❤


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