Paladin (generic)

I added a cut away crest on top of the original but I dunno.  It didn’t improve anything.  I didn’t like everything being too glowey though.  Play around with it.

Are you scumbag Horde but lions don’t tickle your fancy?  Check out a recolored crest for the Sindorei – HERE.



Art files you will need:


Import string(s):

Paladin generic

Holy Aura 


Additional stuff:

The holy power tracker is a separate addon called Moveable Holy Power if you are wanting


33 thoughts on “Paladin (generic)

  1. Spell animations don’t seem to trigger for me. I messed with WeakAuras and found out it’s configured to trigger them by spell name, so I switched my language to English, yet I can’t seem to get them to trigger. Only have seen Speed of Light so far, but as far as I know, there’s also a badass animation for Avenging Wrath (among other things) I’d love to see yet I can’t.


    • There is an option to use Spell ID instead of Spell Name right above. You can try switching to that instead and see if it works.

      Or you can change the name of the spell to your local language.
      For example, Moonfire in German = Mondfeuer


  2. Hey man, just wondering if you’ve though of making an animation for consecration. Would be really awesome!


  3. I have tried everything I can find and still I am getting a green box whenever I am trying to import the crest. I followed all of your steps too! Please help!


    • I already know what the problem is and its my fault. I left the in the pathfile, which is an outdated thing. Delete your current Pally Sigil group + children. Then re-import the string I just updated.

      Or you can just remove the two in the pathfile for the crest yourself. That’s much easier.


  4. I just keep getting a giant green box when I import the string for the crest?


    • Also, generic looks nothing like the image above :/


      • I know its working the way it should because I just tested it. You probably have the tga in the wrong place and WA cannot find the file at the location its looking. What does yours look like then?


  5. Icon is not showing up, just a green box, I have shared lib, and MSBT, along with the icon saved in the correct spot. What did I do wrong?


  6. Hello, I recently came across this and thought, damn what the hell. Ive been big into weakauras and know how to use it very well. However when trying to use your paladin strings im getting the green box issue. HOWEVER, I do not get the green box with the warrior setup so I have no idea what im doing wrong. Ive checked the path, ive double checked the name of the file i saved and the name in the path. I have shared lib and MSBT as well. Im just so lost at this point.


    • Did you start the game client BEFORE having the tga in the folder? Every time you add a new tga, you have to restart your client. That means exiting the game itself, not just logging out or /reload.


  7. Hi. I did generic import but all the effects are just yellow boxes. I had the same issue with the DK one (but white boxes i think). Love your work, thanks.


  8. since last post is from 2016 is this website still up ? :O


  9. Yeah triggers were updated but no worry i can handle that, all I am asking is crest with wings and full string my friend :3 it would be lovely if you have it somewhere. Thank you


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