Create your own textures

The Golden rule when making any texture to be used with Weak Auras 2 is that the image size must be in a power of 2.  That means 2×2, 4×4, 512×512, 1024×1024 etc.

Photoshop Method (How I Do It, anyway):

*An important aspect of this method is that once you save it as a TGA, you can no longer open the TGA and do additional editing.  If you opened it post-creation, you’d see why. So take that into consideration when deciding between this way or the traditional alpha channel way.

I use the Flaming Pear plugins pack because when you make an alpha channel to make stuff non-visible in WoW, sometimes you get a gritty/dirty edge on your image.  Its a fault with edge selection, its not perfect.  So this process fixes it most if not all the time.

  1. Hit ctrl-N to start a new project.  I usually start with a preset 1920×1080, I don’t know why.  In the upper left menu, click on ‘Image,’ then ‘Canvas Size.’
  2. Change the measurement from inches to pixels and the sizes to 1024×1024 or whatever you need and hit ‘Okay.’
  3. Drag whatever image you want to be made into a .tga file and resize it to the maximum canvas size.
  4. Make sure your layer is rausterized, then hover over to the top left menu to ‘Select’ then ‘Load Selection.’
  5. Hit ‘Select’ again then ‘Save Selection.’ This creates an alpha channel for you.
  6. Hit ctrl-D to deselect the image then hover over to ‘Filter’ and choose Flaming Pear>Solidify B.  This makes it so anything that isn’t distorted will be visible.
  7. If your Photoshop is up to date, you should be able to save this image as targa (.tga).

Poor Man’s method:

Before I got a hold of Photoshop, I used this method, which worked for the most part but sometimes you get that dirty/gritty edge I was talking about above. Another weird thing is like random straight horizontal lines that show up like artifacts when your image is checked for Full Rotation in the WA2 config.  It goes away when you don’t have Full Rotation checked, I don’t know why. But you won’t be able to spin your image around.

  1. Go to this image converter site – Convert image to TGA
  2. Choose your file and enter the sizes you want (power of 2’s)
  3. Leave everything else alone and hit ‘Convert’
  4. Save it where ever.

You can probably do this with GIMP too somehow, but I have no experience with it.  If you have a guide to share, let me know.


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