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WA2 Workshop – Subtlety revisited

Okay, so subtlety is mostly back to where it was in the first video I made about it.  Couldn’t make it play nice with Vanish though, so that is no bueno.  Not having the original photoshop stuff makes it difficult to make any graphical changes outside of spell models.  I wanted to hold off on putting it up until I found the slashy streak spell models to add in, but I couldn’t find it.  The only spell models are nightblade, and shadowstrike.  I might try to add more later.  Freakin’ shuriken storm, you’d think would just be one aura? No. Its the purple explosion plus like 50 separate shurikens.  Shit ton of settings this time. About as much as the original Deathknight one. Good times.

I’m sure there’s gonna be mixed feelings about it, like usual.  Always open to improvements.

On another note, dropbox changed some stuff and my old links are dead. So if you come across one, let me know which one.




Uploaded Shaohao version of a monk centerpiece.  I had to ditch the old way the runes were animated and go with a different method.  If in a future update, the animation timings could be tweaked to have delays for each section of the animations, that would be swell.  There is a slight explodey flash, which personally I didn’t like, but I wanted to keep the model.  I also switched out the Life Cocoon for swirleys. Find it in the mistweaver section.