UI concepts 17-02-15

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Splash Elements

I added some “Master of the Elements”…uh…..elements…to my auras.  Doesn’t do anything  for you utility-wise, but I just thought it looked sort of interesting.  They will splash on the center of the screen with a successful cast of each totem type.  They should look familiar because I used them in the short clip when custom Character panels were all the craze, only this time they are reactive. I don’t use that panel anymore though.  It was cool the first 10 times or so, but after that, it just kept getting in the way of other windows. You know me, BIG fan of recycling.  Seeing as how the textures were named “Shaman stones,” it seemed like a shame to not use it.


I got the inspiration from Brave Fencer Musashi (a goldmine for custom UI stuff BTW).  I loved how every time you used Fusion to assimilate a mob’s powers, there would be a lovely splash cartoon image that displayed which represented the power you just obtained.  I tried to google a way to rip them out of the game but no luck yet.


Fun Fact
#1– The reason you don’t see m(any) Shaman NPCs in Draenor is because they do not exist yet.  It is not until the draenei become broken that they turn to Shamanism.

Fun Fact #2– You can also find these symbols carved into huge boulders all over Draenor.  Clicking on one gives you a buff.

One element short (the lamest one) of summoning Captain Planet. What a shame…

captain planet
New UI style

I also reworked my unit frames.  I always liked the look of Goldpaw’s gui3, but its no longer supported and the updated version looks nothing like its predecessor.  So I recreated it using ShadowedUF.  Still has some bugs in it, like disappearing text but I’m happy with where its at.  I still haven’t decided how I want to do the Player/Party frames yet so I left those alone for now.

Not really into that minimalistic style.  It’s something I’ll never understand.

Heroic Run with Boss Frame

Heroic Run with Boss Frame

Main Tank and Raid Frames

Main Tank and Raid Frames

Anyways…I also changed the Maelstrom Weapon counter for Enhancement because I didn’t like how the spell auras just animated in mid-air.  It also got kind of annoying with it constantly switching back and forth between the crest.  I’ll keep the string for the original up on pastebin though.  I still think it looks funny, like it should be balanced with something on the opposite side, but what??.  If anyone is a good artist and has some kind of concept for a shell to display the stacks, lemme know!


My first plan was to just recolor the orby bits to an AIR-like theme.  The four plus that crystal thing in the middle.  It ended up being a flop though.  The orbs were too small to notice effectively.  And there’s only 4, and not 5. Oh poo…..


 Lightning Shield 3.0?

Since when did Lightning Shield go all the way up to 20? I already thought 15 was stupidly high.  I refuse to add that many crystals to the thing.  Gotta think of a new concept to work on in the future.  I’m not even sure if everything still works correctly as it should because Elemental sucks and I always hate having to switch to it.  It does not feel different enough from Restoration’s abilities to me, but that’s a topic for another day. Here’s a refresher for the awesome that will never be:


Until next time, happy modding. Going to be taking a break from this game.  I dunno, its just not the same anymore.  I find myself wanting the vanilla talent point system back.  Maybe 6.1 will be better.


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