I have been expanding my Weak Auras toolkit by reading up on some techniques people have shared on the forums.  Also got around to repairing the Rogue UI while seeing where I can apply said techniques.  Its nothing amazing, just an aura that can trigger other auras or make an endless loop and such.  Its not that significant now, but it might come in handy in the future.


I also went ahead and gave it the same stealth-activated fading treatment as the Feral Druid sigil because, why not.  Might need to tweak the fade time a bit more though.


I also kind of want to try giving each spec its own theme but I am not familiar enough with rogues to come up with any spec-specific qualities.  I have the same issue with WARRIOR, and PALADIN. Also HUNTER, but that’s just cause hunters are boring as shit. And its reflected in the amount of effort I have put into the Hunter UI = maybe 30%

I’m sure there is still a bunch of stuff that has moved out of placed or is busted now with all the new patches, and I’ll get to those…eventually.


5 thoughts on “Fixer-upper

  1. Pretty sure the rogue crest is still broken. Acid cloud breath seems to be the issue.


  2. I’m not sure where else to get ahold of you, but I wanted to ask about the Demonology UI. It seems that you don’t have the warlock_crest_clear2.tga file up on your dropbox, so the UI isn’t complete. Any chance of getting it put up?


    • Don’t worry, I see everyone’s comments. I just don’t have a good answer sometimes so I wait or don’t respond. I’ll address your requests in a post real soon though. In the meantime, the missing file is up.


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